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AnimeManiac001 Temple

22 September 1990
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  • animemanniac001@livejournal.com
Okay, I'm new in this Livejornal thing, I don't have a experience but I like to read fanfiction (you wouldn't believe *grins*) and althought I have very perculiar tastes I don't offend or desdain other tastes (to all perverts reading this I'm speaking of tipes of fanfiction ;P).

Let's see... English is not my native language, I write as I learned in school. I live in Portugal and I'm not working at the moment.

If you are interest in reading my fics go to FF.Net under the alias of AnimeManiac001 (I have 3 fics at the moment but I'm working on it) and I'm trying to publish here one of my supernatural fics but I don't have much experience here so don't blame if anything goes horrible wrong. thanks ;D

Bye Bye for now